Public Art Commissions

2019 ProMedica Toledo Hospital Generations Tower, Toledo OH; Pneuma, suspended wood and metal sculpture
2015 Hinsdale Public Library, Hinsdale IL; Circuit, suspended wood and metal sculpture
2013 Florida Gulf Coast University Library, Fort Meyers FL; Ecotone, suspended wood sculpture
2009 Rhode Island Airport Commission, TF Green Airport, Providence RI; Interval, hand-painted, and fired tiled glass tile wall
2009 Chicago Transit Authority, Brown Line Renovation, Chicago IL; Transition, glass mosaic wall and suspended stainless and brass sculpture
2007 Avalon Branch Library, Chicago IL; Current, suspended wood sculpture
2004,05 City of Chicago Parks District Art in the Garden, Chicago IL; Wave, steel trellis structures, catalogue

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

2015 Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, “Small Sculpture”
2012 Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, “Schism: Sculpture and Drawing”
2007 Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, Washington. “ re:Growth”
2007 Merwin Gallery, Illinois Weslyan University, Bloomington, Illlinois. “Cross Sections: Sculpture and Drawing”
2006 Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois. “Disruptions”
2006 John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, “Broken Terrain”
2004 John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, “The Persistence of Growth”
2003 Hafnarborg Institute of Culture and Fine Art, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland
2003 Southwest School of Art and Craft, San Antonio, Texas, “A Recording of Growth”
2000 Fassbender Gallery, Chicago, “Sculpture and Drawing”
2000 Sybaris Gallery, Royal Oak, Michigan
1999 Southeast Missouri State University Museum, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
1998 Fassbender Gallery, Chicago
1997 Joanne Rapp Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
1996 Sybaris Gallery, Royal Oak
1996 Fassbender Gallery, Chicago
1994 Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago
1994 Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI: “Collaboration and Revelation”
2012-14 State of Illinois Museum, Chicago, and Lockport Galleries, IL:” Fragile Relations: Art, Nature and Environment”
2012 Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL: “Con Templem”
2012 Pilsen Storefront Pods, Chicago, IL: “The Installation Experiment”
2012 Governors State University Art Gallery, IL: “Ways of Making: Sculpture”
2012 DePaul Art Museum, Chicago, IL: “Highlights from the Permanent Collection”
2011 Fredrik Meijer Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan: “Sculpture Today: New Forces, New Forms”
2011 Lehman College Art Gallery, NYC, NY: “Sticks and Stones”
2007 Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico: Cooper, Murrill, Oshita Sculptures
2007 Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. “Hot House: Expanding the Field of Fiber At Cranbrook, 1970-2007”
2006 Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois. “Material Sensiblities”, curated by Polly Ullrich
2005 Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico: Ink, Clay, Wood, Stone, and Steel
2005 Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago: Material Difference, curated by Polly Ullrich
2005 Krasl Art Center, St. Joseph, Michigan: Biennial Sculpture Invitational
2005 Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana: Biennial Sculpture Invitational, site-specific outdoor piece
2005 Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC: High Fiber
2005 The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Hawai’i: Selected Works from the Collection
2005 Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan: Inherent World
2004 Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago: Soft Edge, curated by Staci Boris
2004 Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida: Terrestrial Forces, catalogue
2004 Zolla / Lieberman Gallery, Chicago: Onward and Upward
2004 Flatfile Gallery, Chicago: Earth
2004 Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin: Drawing from the Collection
2004 Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan: 100 Treasures of Cranbrook Art Museum, catalogue
2003 Racine Art Museum, Racine: Introducing RAM: The Building and Collections
2003 Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe: Affinity to Form: Artists Working in Wood
2002 Evanston Art Center, Evanston, Illinois: Ingrained
2002 Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Clermont, Kentucky: In the Spirit of Nature
2002 Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, Illinois: Sculpture: Beneath the Surface
2000 British Crafts Council, London: Contemporary International Basketmaking; traveling exhibition, catalogue
1998–99 Illinois State Museums, From Limb to Limb: traveling exhibition throughout the state, catalogue
1997, 98 Fassbender Gallery, Chicago
1996 Snite Museum, South Bend, Indiana: Survey of Contemporary Sculpture

Selected Awards

2019 Third Coast Disrupted: Artist and Scientists on Climate, retreat
 Artist in the Wilderness, Aspen, CO, residency
2016 Bloedel Reserve, Bainbridge Island, WA, residency
2014 Artist in Residence, City Museum of Copenhagen, Denmark, developed “Intersections”, an extensive garden project
2009 Artist’s Fellowship Award, Illinois Arts Council
2009 Artist in Residence, Pilchuck Glass School
2006 Kohler Arts / Industry Program, three-month residency fellowship
2005 Vermont Studio Center, one-month residency fellowship
2004 Eastern Frontier Society, Norton Island, Maine, three-week residency fellowship
2003 Hafnarborg Institute of Culture and Fine Art, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland, one-month residency fellowship
2002 Fellowship and Residency Award, Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Clermont, Kentucky
2001 White Artists Colony, Costa Rica, one-month residency fellowship
2000, 02 Artist’s Fellowship Award, Illinois Arts Council
2000 Gilsociety, Akureyri, Iceland, one-month residency fellowship

Public Collections

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Clermont
The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu
Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills
First National Bank of Columbia, Columbia, Missouri
John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan
Johnson County Community College, Overland Parks
Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, California
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Racine Art Museum, Racine
Smithsonian National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC
Sprint, Kansas City, Missouri
William Rainey Harper College, Palatine
Wright State University, Dayton
Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings 

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