Interviews, performance, and information on the process for some of the projects on the website.

Network Project, 2017-2018

Timelapse of Network Project, 2017
Ropes made from repurposed materials by members of the library community in a series of eight workshops span a space between 12 columns in the atrium library (approximately 49’  x 13’) .  Barrington Area Library, Barrington, IL.  The project was co-sponsored by the Library and Barlett Tree Experts, and organized by Christine Esposito at Terracom.

Artist in the Wilderness

Trailer for Artist in the Wilderness Program, 2016
Funded by the  Wilderness Workshop, in Aspen Colorado for the purpose of hiking the area and learning about some of the conservation issues that are ongoing.  
A series of drawings, “Landscape Revisions”, ultimately came out of the residency.

Intersection Gardens

Interview at the Museum of Copenhagen, 2014
Designed for the Museum of Copenhagen’s Urban Nature exhibition, the museum’s flat, grass covered backyard was transformed into a space of varied levels and outdoor rooms, connected by a flowing path and surrounded by layered plantings that provide nourishment and space for people as well as pollinators.
Intersections is about the encounter between nature and culture, and the movements and negotiations between the two. The space transitions from a cultivated and ordered garden to gradually transforming into something more wild and natural. This is symbolized by the choice of fruiting trees, berries and vines in the first section, and perennial plantings for bees and pollinators in the other. The garden is both a place for contemplation as well as a space that offers the opportunity to reflect on biodiversity and balance with nature.



ASCENDance, 2013
Excerpt from the Hedwig Dances performance at the Chicago Athenaeum, 2013.
The clip is the final two minutes of the performance, with video projections by Luftwerk and music by Matthew Ferraro. 

Trailer for ASCENDance:


Arts Across Illinois

Arts Across Illinois, a documentary series on WTTW, 2006
Interview, studio visit and look at sculptures, drawings, and public art.

Artist at Work

Artist at Work, 2006  
Watch the building process for the suspended sculpture ‘Currents’, which was built in the gallery of Northeastern Illinois University Gallery and installed in the Avalon Branch Library in Chicago at 8148 South Stony Island Avenue.